How much does it cost to build my house?

It is possible that you have ever ruled out or postponed the option of building a house to your just measure by clinging to the erroneous idea that obtaining a previously built home will save you time, paperwork and money. However, the truth is that raising the most suitable property for you is not as complicated or as expensive as you think. Stay a little more in front of your screen and you can estimate how much it costs to build a house in Costa Blanca, from the choice of the plot to the delivery of your keys.

Aspects to consider to determine how much it costs to build a house

Building a completely customized home according to your requirements and your personal taste offers you, among other advantages, the possibility to make an optimal management of your budget. The main aspects that affect the final price of your home are the plot, the design, the materials and the licenses. Knowing the particularities of each of them, you can determine how much it costs to build a house like the one you really need.

To decide the exact place where you want to locate your home you will have professional advice from the experts of the Galaxy Group. The cost will range between € 80,000 and € 450,000, and you will have full knowledge of the main factors that affect the price. The flat areas, which do not require such intense work in terms of support and foundations, reduce the cost in materials and labor and allow the architect simpler engineering solutions. On the other hand, a vertical design, with different levels and greater technical complexities, will mean an extra expense of materials and a much more complex plane.

How much does it cost to build a house in Costa Blanca?

Let’s suppose that you want a house with contemporary style, of approximately 200m2, to give you 3 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terraces and pool. To build it, you have chosen a plot of 800m2 with a value of € 100,000. After considering the costs corresponding to notary services, which are around 1,500 € and 10% of ITP, the last one in case that you have chosen a particular land, you must go in search of an architect to present their ideas and conceive the draft. The contract price for a property of 200 m2 is around € 30,000, without ignoring that issues such a topography will generate extra expenses, as well as obtaining the corresponding license to be issue by the town hall, without which it not be possible to initiate the edification. For it, an amount equal to 5% of the total construction price estimated by the architect must be paid, although this value usually varies depending on the municipality.
The later step would be finding a company able to carry out the construction of the plan developed by your architect. At this moment, the sharpness in the selection is important; it is necessary to have enough references to obtain the desired results. In Costa Blanca the prices range is between € 850 and € 1,600 per m2, depending on the qualities.
Let’s say that you have chosen an average quality, which will have a value of € 1,200 per m2. For a house of 200 m2 including swimming pool and landscaped, the total would be € 240,000, plus 10% VAT. Then we need the license of first occupation obtained in the town hall, for which it is necessary to pay around 1% of the construction price and the declaration of new work.
Finally, we will see the costs corresponding to the hiring of electricity, water, Internet, among others; as well as lawyer’s fees, if legal services are used during the process.
In summary, the house we have taken as an example has an approximate value of € 400,000 plus VAT of 10%, given that the latter may vary depending on the location.
Grupo Galaxia offers a comprehensive service that includes all aspects previously addressed, from the purchase of the plot to the construction of the property, through the hiring of architects and the management of the necessary legal documentation. To do this, it relies on recognized professionals at national level and on a team of experts in each discipline to carry out the fast, viable and transparent process until the delivery of the keys.