Landscaping projects for your luxury villa

The possibility of having a large plot of land where creating a garden that meets your taste and needs is, without doubt, one of the great advantages of building a luxury villa.

The best-conceived contemporary homes always search this heavenly space where you can interact directly with nature, enjoying the best views and obtaining the maximum comfort that advances in science and technology allow today.

After several decades of imminent construction boom, owning your own space where you can relax or party in nature is a real luxury, a point in favor of any high-end home and an aspect that marks the quality of a property.

Landscaping projects: Characteristics and trends

The landscape has constituted, throughout the history of the architecture, a primordial element of the most important, expensive and/or sophisticated buildings. Different periods have been setting trends and modifying the basic concept of "house with garden". From the paradigmatic modern era, the presence of a specialist in the engineering of these spaces became recurrent, so that the most important contemporary construction companies have experts in this area, which dominate the characteristics of each type of terrain and propose viable and durable solutions for each case.

Currently, there is a marked tendency toward the projection of gardens with native vegetation from the area where it is built. Generally, it is tried to achieve a maximum integration of the interior spaces of the house with the exterior, proposing an integral and coherent plan, where both parts of the building constitute a single set.

Many times, engineers and architects choose to conserve most of the natural elements that the original terrain had and take advantage of their failures to create levels, artificial lakes and ponds, fountains, and even natural pools.

The formal simplicity of the minimalist building comes out and translates into water mirrors that imitate or complete the design of the home. Even though it seems daring, it could be said that every luxury villa today responds to plans where the exterior space of the house has a significant importance. After all, that is one of the main differences between a villa and an apartment.

Landscaping in your property counts

The landscaping in your property counts, and counts a lot. Be sure to put in the best hands the construction of your home and opt for a project where the outer space is also contemplated.

Ideally, once you decide to move forward in the construction of a luxury villa, go to a team of professionals who also consider the design of landscaping projects as part of the plans of their new home. Grupo Galaxia supports the initiative of a complete work, where every detail of your home has a useful, comfortable and lasting sense.

Latest trends in the construction of luxury villas

Contemporary architecture develops rapidly; it is perfected in all its branches and evolves towards a greater coherence between the built space and the people who inhabit it. The latest trends in the construction of luxury villas have shown this.

In a general sense, the real estate sector is committed to sustainable, intelligent and minimalist housing. Less is more in a contemporary property; the superfluous practically disappears and the necessary is perfected at high levels.

It is not a problem only of progress, but of integration. Advances in architectural matters follow the best possible path in the contemporary context; so to speak of luxury and exclusivity, is also talking about optimization, coherence and feasibility.

Without further ado, these are the trends that were most noticeable last year in the construction of luxury villas and that continue to develop this 2019:

Sustainability in architectural design

There is no use for an attractive design at a glance, if it is not able to give us comfort. Contemporary luxury architecture is based on plans where each structure counts, each material has a specific function and each element in the space is an investment for the future.

In the construction of luxury villas, engineering is prioritized, with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. A very positive point has been the ability of professionals in each branch to understand and adapt to new ways of life of the upper class.

Integration of technology: intelligent housing

Currently, technology plays a key role in the lives of people. Aware of this reality, the main actors in the renovation of contemporary architecture have opted for an intelligent home, where everything can be controlled remotely, from the doorknobs to the temperature of each room.

Green design: gardens acquire great relevance

One of the great problems that our society faces is the lack of green spaces. The growth of cities with a high level of development has almost completely nullified the presence of nature in the urban space. For those who are committed to the construction of a luxury villa, having a large garden is a privilege, and this can be seen through the great boom experienced by landscaping and landscaping projects. The terraces are as important as the interior of a home, and make the difference between medium and high quality.

Respect for the environment

The struggle for a more conscious and respectful world with the planet has begun to show its first fruits. At the forefront, contemporary architecture marches. The new luxury homes take advantage of natural resources positively and opt for a new version much more ecological in the design of the property.

Perhaps the new paradigm is a mix between the Bauhaus school and Frank Lloyd Wright's Waterfall House. The minimal does not die ... but it is reinvented.

Environmental and spaces design in a luxury villa

Contemporary architecture has focused its development on the investigation of sustainable solutions for each property. This is the search for the creation of more comfortable spaces from an optimization of the constructive elements and the most recent technological advances, it marks the guidelines that become a luxury villa and it becomes an indicator of quality for the high standing dwellings.

The construction of a house covers many aspects that at first sight can escape from their perception and that, however, are elements that make the difference. About the environmental design and the spaces we will be talking a bit below.

Defining a luxury villa: Environmental design, space and comfort

The environmental design in architecture could be defined, broadly speaking, as the process that studies a series of circumstantial parameters related to nature (sound, climate, wind direction, among others), and starting from their behavior design plans, buildings and structures much more comfortable, optimized, sustainable and suitable for life. As a rule, it is a respectful practice with nature, and undoubtedly define a very clear line between a standard home and a luxury villa.

On the other hand, the design of the space and the environment in a building, directly influences the comfort of the people who inhabit and enable a maximum state of well-being, in the broadest sense of the word.

Environmental and spaces design: The advantages of building a sustainable villa

Undoubtedly, when imagining the house of your dreams, you eliminated unwanted sounds and noises, inadequate temperatures, windows that let all the sun pass directly to your rooms, balconies where the wind does not run, and so on. These aspects that you have taken for granted, are precisely those that make your home an exclusive place. Regardless of the construction materials, plans and terrain; a luxury villa includes intelligent engineering solutions to create much more favorable environments and optimized spaces.

The quality of a contemporary home is largely determined by these issues. The conception of habitable spaces requires a previous investigation, without which it would not be possible to obtain the best results. For this reason, it is extremely important that you carefully choose the person in charge of building your new home.

Aware of the advantages that the implementation of a good enviromental and space design for people living in a luxury villa, Grupo Galaxia pursues excellence through innovation, study and the search for increasingly favorable experiences, providing your property with that extra comfort that, although it may go unnoticed many times, is essential in all quality housing.

Casa contemporánea de estilo minimalista

Minimalism in the construction of a contemporary house

As we have already explained in previous articles, a contemporary house contemplates a series of essential conditions that make possible the optimal sensation of comfort.  Among its basic resources, is the total personalization that is offered and however, we can identify a certain stylistic continuity within them.

This is due to the fact that one of the most relevant and appropriate construction concepts for modern times is the minimalism.  Tributes greatly to contemporary architecture, thanks to its characteristics, which constantly seek an advantage of available resources and a harmonious balance between structures.  As a result, the imbrication of this style to the creation of contemporary villas results organically.

Common elements of a contemporary house

If we carry out a light analysis on the architectural works of the last 20 years, we will find similar aesthetic aspects among the most important works.  This is exacerbated if we concentrate on private luxury homes, where in the past several, generally incompatible, visual lines converged.

The simplicity of the forms and the geometrical purity of the same, is an element that is included almost subconsciously in the design of contemporary villas.  Although the minimalism  bet for a perfect stability between its components, an aspect in which it is much more permissive now, the intentional imbalance that can be noticed in one or another work, always resorts to and rests on a balanced aesthetic as a fundamental pillar.

The use of resources and their meticulous use, is another of the assumed characteristics.  The construction of a contemporary villa requires an intense planning that allows coherently include in its design, essential technologies for its proper functioning and habitability.  A bad management of the spaces can incur in an unpleasant baroque or derive in a less functional building.

Mentioning the individualization to which, as a rule, modern homes are subject, one could say that the use of the color palette does have a marked tendency.  When in another scenario it could be natural to differentiate pieces by means of colors, today this practice is almost in disuse and it is preferred to play with the tones to the detriment of more radical contrasts.

Grupo Galaxia works as a builder of contemporary villas and its way of doing is sustained by the latest trends.  The ultimate goal will always be to provide a quality service that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers

How is a luxury contemporary villa

Maybe you have considered the possibility of building a contemporary luxury villa.  However, this new home may be a concept, whose tangible representation is not completely defined in a specific property, or in a specific project.  This happens because we have a rather vague notion about luxury, its meaning and its possible forms of expression through architecture.

In order to offer you a more or less objective overview of the characteristics and / or qualities that a property must possess in order to be considered a contemporary luxury home, we will address some of the key elements that define a home as a space of maximum quality.

Contemporary perception

Luxury is not a concept that can be defined with absolute rigor, since it depends as much on the personal perception of each individual, as on a series of socio-cultural factors, which originate a new “need”.

In the case of architecture, the classic concept of luxury was referred to buildings endowed with great luxury, decorative wealth and very expensive materials, always contemplating a basic level of comfort, which often sacrificed in favor of visuality and design.  The eclectic architecture is probably the modern style that has most clung to this classic view of luxury villa.

Modernity was in charge of taking a drastic turn in the thinking of societies, which was reflected in a new architectural production where simplicity and a taste for cleaning structures would become the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication.

The most recent architecture, fortunately, defines a contemporary luxury villa as a space where its inhabitants can perceive the maximum comfort, without renouncing the aesthetic values ​​of housing, going through the absolute purification of the concepts of functionality and sustainability.  A contemporary house is always innovative in some aspect of its construction.

What are the main elements that define a contemporary luxury villa

After briefly analyzing the quality indicators in the architecture of recent years, a series of aspects can be defined that should never be overlooked in the construction of a contemporary luxury villa:

The plot and its location

A luxury house is usually located in places of easy access, where the climate is favorable and the main water, electricity and telecommunications services are implemented with the highest possible quality.  It also considers communication with the main road networks, the neighborhood and the attractions of the place where the land is located.

The views

A contemporary luxury villa never fails to provide excellent views.  This is an element that adds value to homes, because at present, it is not so simple to get a property with this characteristic.

Architecture, design and author

From the most remote times, and this is one of the few elements that, in terms of luxury architecture, has remained to this day;  the creators of the structure (the architect and the builder), give an added value to the spaces.

Similarly, innovative designs or subject to current trends, give a plus to the property.

Technology and materials

We live in a time where all the scientific and technological development revolves around offering us an ergonomic experience, more and more intuitive and more respectful with the Environment.  If in the past a gold-plated ceiling could be the symbol of an expensive house, now an intelligent roof, which isolates the temperature or works as a solar panel, would be the maximum expression of a home made to the measure of the most demanding clients.

The gardens and landscaping

Last but not least, there is the question of landscape.  A luxury home should have a more or less large space where you can enjoy free afternoons, take a dip in the pool, sunbathe during the summer, or just sit and chat with friends.  This space must be designed according to the specific characteristics of the place, to make the most of the climate and natural light.

Grupo Galaxia specializes in the construction of contemporary luxury villas, since its maxim has always been innovation and creativity, from an author perspective and with the aim of always providing the best possible comfort in each of its buildings.

How to design my house?

Differences between a modern home and a contemporary home

Building a contemporary home involves several challenges that you, as future owner, must know to avoid misinterpretations by the work team you hire for your building.

One of the most common mistakes when considering a project for the design of your new home is to assume that modern style and contemporary style mean exactly the same.

Although the modern term is often used, in architecture, to define the most recent constructions, it has not the same meaning as contemporaneity. In fact, the contemporary style houses are really different from the modern style houses.

In this article we will show you the main differences between both buildings so that you can consciously decide how to conceive the construction of your new luxury villa, knowing that contemporary housing is much more appropriate today.

The plans and the design

The modern architecture was identified from its beginnings by the simple forms, the right angles and the elimination of superfluous ornaments in the structure of the buildings. Perhaps this is the reason why contemporary housing is often called that way. However, the latter has evolved in the application of these concepts.

It is not only that the forms are simple, they must also be efficient and reach their maximum functionality. Contemporary architecture is essentially sustainable. Its objective is to achieve the maximum comfort taking advantage of the particularities of the terrain, the geographical space, the construction materials and the new technologies.

Far from breaking with the constructive traditions of the past, as modernity did at the time, contemporary architecture aims to perfect its predecessor, seizingits advantages and overcoming its limitations.

Interior de una vivienda contemporánea

The construction materials

In order to achieve a solid structure by investing less time and resources, modern architecture used materials such as steel for support and introduced a new ally: reinforced concrete. Almost all modern buildings have similar materials and structure, unless they are author buildings; and even most of these ones used them.

The contemporary house, however, is always built with the best materials available in the market, since it is based on the constant development of new technologies. If steel is used, for example, it is more resistant alloys, capable of avoiding deterioration for a long time. The same goes for the rest.

On the other hand, new intelligent materials exist to isolate the sound and the temperature, to transform the energy, to regulate the entrance of natural light to the houses, among many other functionalities.

The personalization of housing

In general, modern architecture is based on established canons to design buldings. With small innovations, but always from its conceptual and aesthetic values, it offers a more or less standardized building that is only ideal for its most faithful followers.

On the other hand, contemporary architecture is suitable for those who opt for a personalized home, since it is developed based on the comfort of those who inhabit the space and their fundamental needs.

Grupo Galaxia has always proposed the development of a contemporary architecture, relying on the integration of the latest technological advances in the field of the construction of luxury homes.

With the purpose of providing an increasingly personal, functional and comfortable property for those who live there; constantly researches the most current trends and incorporates the best materials available to guarantee the quality and durability of the building.

Why building a contemporary style home?

Choosing the construction of a contemporary style home offers several benefits. As far as functionality is concerned, these buildings have as their fundamental characteristic an architectural design that is elaborated taking into account the basic needs of the people who inhabit it, so that each element of the space responds to a strictly practical purpose, but without give up their aesthetic values.
A luxury villa can not do without order and objectivity. Modern buildings are excellent carriers of these values of formal simplicity and sustainability, which, at the same time, gives the structure a sophisticated and very comfortable image. Next, we will address some of the main advantages of building a contemporary style home.

Sustainable architecture and formal coherence

In the construction of a contemporary villa all the essential aspects that allow the optimal functioning of the house are considered, from the adequate orientation in the land to reach the maximum energetic efficiency through a better illumination and ventilation of the house, able to take advantage of the climate and the structure of the zone; to the disposal of the facilities. In addition, the integration of interior and exterior spaces is favored, with a uniform and consistent approach.Inside the building, unnecessary ornaments are replaced by elements that contribute to the comfort of the people who inhabit the house and the qualities of the construction materials are exploited to the maximum.

estilo contemporáneo

Technological advances and quality materials

Choosing the construction of a contemporary home guarantees the use of the best materials available in the market. These have the necessary properties to achieve high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. Cutting-edge technology is also used, such as air filtering systems.

On the other hand, the materials used in contemporary architecture are becoming less invasive, more respectful with the environment and more durable. They offer greater security and guarantee a lower need for maintenance.

Customization and avant-garde design

It is clear that have spacious and better articulated spaces, achieve different levels of height for optimal use of available space, make the most of natural light through the materials themselves and the architectural design of the home and provide a comfortable environment, with state-of-the-art equipment, much more qualified and simple to use; are essential factors that determine the quality of a home.
On the other hand, when building a house designed strictly to satisfy both your objective needs and your aesthetic preferences, you will obtain a unique and completely personalized property.

Grupo Galaxia has specialized since its emergence in the construction of contemporary homes, providing efficiency, quality and luxury to each of its properties in order to ensure a better performance and an avant-garde aesthetic. To do this, it relies on the latest technological advances in construction and a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

How to choose a quality home?

Materials and finishes that make a difference

One of the essential values of any recently constructed building is the quality of the materials that have been used for its construction. They, arranged in such a way that the house shows a meticulous and perceptive finish, mark the difference between a common house and a luxury space.
Any good design needs an optimal implementation to achieve tangible expression in a house that is perceived as perfect. The construction company plays a fundamental role in terms of materials and finishes, which is why being selective and being properly informed is extremely important; you will avoid bad experiences and annoying inconveniences when you build your new home.

Elige una vivienda de calidad

Below, we will show you some aspects that can be overlooked when building a quality home and that form the basis of a good selection:

Partitioning and facades

It is advisable to keep informed about parameters such as facades and partitions; as well as the conditions of habitability stipulated by law. A luxury villa must necessarily have the proper thermal and sound insulation to make your home comfortable.


Although it may seem a secondary aspect, the installation of the plumbing is one of those details that must be carefully considered, as its optimal implementation will prevent leaks, deterioration and breakdowns. Make sure you have stopcocks in each of the rooms where they are needed and that can supply cold and hot water without the slightest difficulty.


So that the paint of your home is durable and provides adequate protection to the structure of the property, you should use varnishes with plastic base on ceilings and walls. In the case of metallic elements, it is essential that they be treated with anticorrosive before covering them with synthetic varnish. It is the small details that make the difference and establish qualities.

Air conditioning:

A quality home is always sustainable, its heating and air conditioning system must have the label of energy efficiency and be functional, offering simplicity of use.

Electricity and telecommunications

It is necessary to attend to the increasingly sophisticated switches and register boxes, but we must also consider what is hidden behind the structures of the home, as they are the true key to a quality electric and communication service. Using the appropriate wiring, with its corresponding insulation and a strict obedience to the regulations in force, will allow an impeccable operation of these services in your home.


A quality home without well-planned terraces loses much of its charm. In these places you have to pay special attention, because they must have adequate waterproofing and thermal insulation so that there are no problems of humidity, among other drawbacks. The temperature in these spaces should also be pleasant and appropriate for any time of the year.

Furniture and equipment

A contemporary luxury villa must be a carrier of modernity, functionality and latest trends. When it comes to furniture, it is important that you have spacious, well-fitted cabinets. The kitchen requires a complete kit of appliances and these must have excellent features.

Grupo Galaxia guarantees comfort and quality in each of its properties based on the most modern advances in technology and its highly qualified work team, which has experienced professionals in the field of luxury housing construction.

How much does it cost to build my house?

It is possible that you have ever ruled out or postponed the option of building a house to your just measure by clinging to the erroneous idea that obtaining a previously built home will save you time, paperwork and money. However, the truth is that raising the most suitable property for you is not as complicated or as expensive as you think. Stay a little more in front of your screen and you can estimate how much it costs to build a house in Costa Blanca, from the choice of the plot to the delivery of your keys.

Aspects to consider to determine how much it costs to build a house

Building a completely customized home according to your requirements and your personal taste offers you, among other advantages, the possibility to make an optimal management of your budget. The main aspects that affect the final price of your home are the plot, the design, the materials and the licenses. Knowing the particularities of each of them, you can determine how much it costs to build a house like the one you really need.

To decide the exact place where you want to locate your home you will have professional advice from the experts of the Galaxy Group. The cost will range between € 80,000 and € 450,000, and you will have full knowledge of the main factors that affect the price. The flat areas, which do not require such intense work in terms of support and foundations, reduce the cost in materials and labor and allow the architect simpler engineering solutions. On the other hand, a vertical design, with different levels and greater technical complexities, will mean an extra expense of materials and a much more complex plane.

How much does it cost to build a house in Costa Blanca?

Let's suppose that you want a house with contemporary style, of approximately 200m2, to give you 3 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terraces and pool. To build it, you have chosen a plot of 800m2 with a value of € 100,000. After considering the costs corresponding to notary services, which are around 1,500 € and 10% of ITP, the last one in case that you have chosen a particular land, you must go in search of an architect to present their ideas and conceive the draft. The contract price for a property of 200 m2 is around € 30,000, without ignoring that issues such a topography will generate extra expenses, as well as obtaining the corresponding license to be issue by the town hall, without which it not be possible to initiate the edification. For it, an amount equal to 5% of the total construction price estimated by the architect must be paid, although this value usually varies depending on the municipality.
The later step would be finding a company able to carry out the construction of the plan developed by your architect. At this moment, the sharpness in the selection is important; it is necessary to have enough references to obtain the desired results. In Costa Blanca the prices range is between € 850 and € 1,600 per m2, depending on the qualities.
Let's say that you have chosen an average quality, which will have a value of € 1,200 per m2. For a house of 200 m2 including swimming pool and landscaped, the total would be € 240,000, plus 10% VAT. Then we need the license of first occupation obtained in the town hall, for which it is necessary to pay around 1% of the construction price and the declaration of new work.
Finally, we will see the costs corresponding to the hiring of electricity, water, Internet, among others; as well as lawyer's fees, if legal services are used during the process.
In summary, the house we have taken as an example has an approximate value of € 400,000 plus VAT of 10%, given that the latter may vary depending on the location.
Grupo Galaxia offers a comprehensive service that includes all aspects previously addressed, from the purchase of the plot to the construction of the property, through the hiring of architects and the management of the necessary legal documentation. To do this, it relies on recognized professionals at national level and on a team of experts in each discipline to carry out the fast, viable and transparent process until the delivery of the keys.