Minimalism in the construction of a contemporary house

As we have already explained in previous articles, a contemporary house contemplates a series of essential conditions that make possible the optimal sensation of comfort.  Among its basic resources, is the total personalization that is offered and however, we can identify a certain stylistic continuity within them.

This is due to the fact that one of the most relevant and appropriate construction concepts for modern times is the minimalism.  Tributes greatly to contemporary architecture, thanks to its characteristics, which constantly seek an advantage of available resources and a harmonious balance between structures.  As a result, the imbrication of this style to the creation of contemporary villas results organically.

Common elements of a contemporary house

If we carry out a light analysis on the architectural works of the last 20 years, we will find similar aesthetic aspects among the most important works.  This is exacerbated if we concentrate on private luxury homes, where in the past several, generally incompatible, visual lines converged.

The simplicity of the forms and the geometrical purity of the same, is an element that is included almost subconsciously in the design of contemporary villas.  Although the minimalism  bet for a perfect stability between its components, an aspect in which it is much more permissive now, the intentional imbalance that can be noticed in one or another work, always resorts to and rests on a balanced aesthetic as a fundamental pillar.

The use of resources and their meticulous use, is another of the assumed characteristics.  The construction of a contemporary villa requires an intense planning that allows coherently include in its design, essential technologies for its proper functioning and habitability.  A bad management of the spaces can incur in an unpleasant baroque or derive in a less functional building.

Mentioning the individualization to which, as a rule, modern homes are subject, one could say that the use of the color palette does have a marked tendency.  When in another scenario it could be natural to differentiate pieces by means of colors, today this practice is almost in disuse and it is preferred to play with the tones to the detriment of more radical contrasts.

Grupo Galaxia works as a builder of contemporary villas and its way of doing is sustained by the latest trends.  The ultimate goal will always be to provide a quality service that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers