How is a luxury contemporary villa

Maybe you have considered the possibility of building a contemporary luxury villa.  However, this new home may be a concept, whose tangible representation is not completely defined in a specific property, or in a specific project.  This happens because we have a rather vague notion about luxury, its meaning and its possible forms of expression through architecture.

In order to offer you a more or less objective overview of the characteristics and / or qualities that a property must possess in order to be considered a contemporary luxury home, we will address some of the key elements that define a home as a space of maximum quality.

Contemporary perception

Luxury is not a concept that can be defined with absolute rigor, since it depends as much on the personal perception of each individual, as on a series of socio-cultural factors, which originate a new “need”.

In the case of architecture, the classic concept of luxury was referred to buildings endowed with great luxury, decorative wealth and very expensive materials, always contemplating a basic level of comfort, which often sacrificed in favor of visuality and design.  The eclectic architecture is probably the modern style that has most clung to this classic view of luxury villa.

Modernity was in charge of taking a drastic turn in the thinking of societies, which was reflected in a new architectural production where simplicity and a taste for cleaning structures would become the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication.

The most recent architecture, fortunately, defines a contemporary luxury villa as a space where its inhabitants can perceive the maximum comfort, without renouncing the aesthetic values ​​of housing, going through the absolute purification of the concepts of functionality and sustainability.  A contemporary house is always innovative in some aspect of its construction.

What are the main elements that define a contemporary luxury villa

After briefly analyzing the quality indicators in the architecture of recent years, a series of aspects can be defined that should never be overlooked in the construction of a contemporary luxury villa:

The plot and its location

A luxury house is usually located in places of easy access, where the climate is favorable and the main water, electricity and telecommunications services are implemented with the highest possible quality.  It also considers communication with the main road networks, the neighborhood and the attractions of the place where the land is located.

The views

A contemporary luxury villa never fails to provide excellent views.  This is an element that adds value to homes, because at present, it is not so simple to get a property with this characteristic.

Architecture, design and author

From the most remote times, and this is one of the few elements that, in terms of luxury architecture, has remained to this day;  the creators of the structure (the architect and the builder), give an added value to the spaces.

Similarly, innovative designs or subject to current trends, give a plus to the property.

Technology and materials

We live in a time where all the scientific and technological development revolves around offering us an ergonomic experience, more and more intuitive and more respectful with the Environment.  If in the past a gold-plated ceiling could be the symbol of an expensive house, now an intelligent roof, which isolates the temperature or works as a solar panel, would be the maximum expression of a home made to the measure of the most demanding clients.

The gardens and landscaping

Last but not least, there is the question of landscape.  A luxury home should have a more or less large space where you can enjoy free afternoons, take a dip in the pool, sunbathe during the summer, or just sit and chat with friends.  This space must be designed according to the specific characteristics of the place, to make the most of the climate and natural light.

Grupo Galaxia specializes in the construction of contemporary luxury villas, since its maxim has always been innovation and creativity, from an author perspective and with the aim of always providing the best possible comfort in each of its buildings.