How to design my house?

Differences between a modern home and a contemporary home

Building a contemporary home involves several challenges that you, as future owner, must know to avoid misinterpretations by the work team you hire for your building.

One of the most common mistakes when considering a project for the design of your new home is to assume that modern style and contemporary style mean exactly the same.

Although the modern term is often used, in architecture, to define the most recent constructions, it has not the same meaning as contemporaneity. In fact, the contemporary style houses are really different from the modern style houses.

In this article we will show you the main differences between both buildings so that you can consciously decide how to conceive the construction of your new luxury villa, knowing that contemporary housing is much more appropriate today.

The plans and the design

The modern architecture was identified from its beginnings by the simple forms, the right angles and the elimination of superfluous ornaments in the structure of the buildings. Perhaps this is the reason why contemporary housing is often called that way. However, the latter has evolved in the application of these concepts.

It is not only that the forms are simple, they must also be efficient and reach their maximum functionality. Contemporary architecture is essentially sustainable. Its objective is to achieve the maximum comfort taking advantage of the particularities of the terrain, the geographical space, the construction materials and the new technologies.

Far from breaking with the constructive traditions of the past, as modernity did at the time, contemporary architecture aims to perfect its predecessor, seizingits advantages and overcoming its limitations.

Interior de una vivienda contemporánea

The construction materials

In order to achieve a solid structure by investing less time and resources, modern architecture used materials such as steel for support and introduced a new ally: reinforced concrete. Almost all modern buildings have similar materials and structure, unless they are author buildings; and even most of these ones used them.

The contemporary house, however, is always built with the best materials available in the market, since it is based on the constant development of new technologies. If steel is used, for example, it is more resistant alloys, capable of avoiding deterioration for a long time. The same goes for the rest.

On the other hand, new intelligent materials exist to isolate the sound and the temperature, to transform the energy, to regulate the entrance of natural light to the houses, among many other functionalities.

The personalization of housing

In general, modern architecture is based on established canons to design buldings. With small innovations, but always from its conceptual and aesthetic values, it offers a more or less standardized building that is only ideal for its most faithful followers.

On the other hand, contemporary architecture is suitable for those who opt for a personalized home, since it is developed based on the comfort of those who inhabit the space and their fundamental needs.

Grupo Galaxia has always proposed the development of a contemporary architecture, relying on the integration of the latest technological advances in the field of the construction of luxury homes.

With the purpose of providing an increasingly personal, functional and comfortable property for those who live there; constantly researches the most current trends and incorporates the best materials available to guarantee the quality and durability of the building.