Why building a contemporary style home?

Choosing the construction of a contemporary style home offers several benefits. As far as functionality is concerned, these buildings have as their fundamental characteristic an architectural design that is elaborated taking into account the basic needs of the people who inhabit it, so that each element of the space responds to a strictly practical purpose, but without give up their aesthetic values.
A luxury villa can not do without order and objectivity. Modern buildings are excellent carriers of these values of formal simplicity and sustainability, which, at the same time, gives the structure a sophisticated and very comfortable image. Next, we will address some of the main advantages of building a contemporary style home.

Sustainable architecture and formal coherence

In the construction of a contemporary villa all the essential aspects that allow the optimal functioning of the house are considered, from the adequate orientation in the land to reach the maximum energetic efficiency through a better illumination and ventilation of the house, able to take advantage of the climate and the structure of the zone; to the disposal of the facilities. In addition, the integration of interior and exterior spaces is favored, with a uniform and consistent approach.Inside the building, unnecessary ornaments are replaced by elements that contribute to the comfort of the people who inhabit the house and the qualities of the construction materials are exploited to the maximum.

estilo contemporáneo

Technological advances and quality materials

Choosing the construction of a contemporary home guarantees the use of the best materials available in the market. These have the necessary properties to achieve high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. Cutting-edge technology is also used, such as air filtering systems.

On the other hand, the materials used in contemporary architecture are becoming less invasive, more respectful with the environment and more durable. They offer greater security and guarantee a lower need for maintenance.

Customization and avant-garde design

It is clear that have spacious and better articulated spaces, achieve different levels of height for optimal use of available space, make the most of natural light through the materials themselves and the architectural design of the home and provide a comfortable environment, with state-of-the-art equipment, much more qualified and simple to use; are essential factors that determine the quality of a home.
On the other hand, when building a house designed strictly to satisfy both your objective needs and your aesthetic preferences, you will obtain a unique and completely personalized property.

Grupo Galaxia has specialized since its emergence in the construction of contemporary homes, providing efficiency, quality and luxury to each of its properties in order to ensure a better performance and an avant-garde aesthetic. To do this, it relies on the latest technological advances in construction and a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.