Latest trends in the construction of luxury villas

Contemporary architecture develops rapidly; it is perfected in all its branches and evolves towards a greater coherence between the built space and the people who inhabit it. The latest trends in the construction of luxury villas have shown this.

In a general sense, the real estate sector is committed to sustainable, intelligent and minimalist housing. Less is more in a contemporary property; the superfluous practically disappears and the necessary is perfected at high levels.

It is not a problem only of progress, but of integration. Advances in architectural matters follow the best possible path in the contemporary context; so to speak of luxury and exclusivity, is also talking about optimization, coherence and feasibility.

Without further ado, these are the trends that were most noticeable last year in the construction of luxury villas and that continue to develop this 2019:

Sustainability in architectural design

There is no use for an attractive design at a glance, if it is not able to give us comfort. Contemporary luxury architecture is based on plans where each structure counts, each material has a specific function and each element in the space is an investment for the future.

In the construction of luxury villas, engineering is prioritized, with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. A very positive point has been the ability of professionals in each branch to understand and adapt to new ways of life of the upper class.

Integration of technology: intelligent housing

Currently, technology plays a key role in the lives of people. Aware of this reality, the main actors in the renovation of contemporary architecture have opted for an intelligent home, where everything can be controlled remotely, from the doorknobs to the temperature of each room.

Green design: gardens acquire great relevance

One of the great problems that our society faces is the lack of green spaces. The growth of cities with a high level of development has almost completely nullified the presence of nature in the urban space. For those who are committed to the construction of a luxury villa, having a large garden is a privilege, and this can be seen through the great boom experienced by landscaping and landscaping projects. The terraces are as important as the interior of a home, and make the difference between medium and high quality.

Respect for the environment

The struggle for a more conscious and respectful world with the planet has begun to show its first fruits. At the forefront, contemporary architecture marches. The new luxury homes take advantage of natural resources positively and opt for a new version much more ecological in the design of the property.

Perhaps the new paradigm is a mix between the Bauhaus school and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Waterfall House. The minimal does not die … but it is reinvented.